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Whether it’s an extremely young age play fantasy, forced sex role play, CBT, torture or anything you can think of that is taboo, perverted and hot, I’m a very kinky girl you can have one very fucking fun extreme phone sex fantasy with. There are no limits for any fantasy you want to talk about with me. It’s been some time since I posted here, there have been some changes and updates going on behind the scenes and this might be my last post. Fear not, you can always find me on our main site, Taboo Temptations.

If you just came across this page, Hi. I’m into all kinds of role plays from something sensual to the kinkiest most extreme phone sex fantasy you can think of. Anything goes with me from giving you a deep, hard ass fucking to torture and snuff. Yes, really. I’ve been executed, been the executioner, tortured and been the torturer, and done and have had done to me many other wonderfully wicked things in extreme role plays.

Your tastes might run a bit milder than torture, but whatever you consider is over the top is perfectly fine and acceptable with me. Some men think ass fucking is “out there’ and I have a nice big strap on ready for you, an ass made for getting fucked and if you like, we can have an ass fucking party with lots of big dick for you or both of us.

Maybe age play fantasies turn you on. Me too and I’ll be any age you want. I’ll go as young as when Mommy or me gets pregnant to being your very old Granny. If you like to be the young one with an older woman, I could seduce you or if that didn’t work, tie you up and force you to fuck me until you get me pregnant. We can do anything you want in our kinky and very taboo age play fantasies and I even recently made a wheel of torture for an underage role play. My little sister or maybe a girl we kidnap is tied to the wheel and we take turns spinning her until she lands on something fun to do to her like having her in the middle of a big black cock gangbang. Anything goes with me!

Give me a call for all of your extreme phone sex fantasies and don’t forget to check out my bio and blog pages on taboo temptations for my kinky, taboo posts there too.

Call and play with me!

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Kinky Phone Sex


Masturbate with me while we talk about all of your kinky phone sex fantasies. There are so many things we can do in our role play and I’m a very naughty girl with no limits for all of the taboo topics we talk about.

My big brother was watching a movie with me in our incest fantasy and pulled his dick out and started jerking off. Right in front of me! I was going to tell him off but when I saw that huge dick I was like…wow. I asked if I could stroke it and once I wrapped my hands around that huge 18 inch dick he had me sucking it in no time. He blew a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. Yum!

I had another kinky phone sex underage fantasy with my Uncle and I was a young preteen in our incest role play. I was staying over and we were home alone so nobody knew I was sleeping with him. I got ready for bed and we played some naughty games to get me to stroke his dick, give him a blowjob and even 69. The best game was the one where he fucked me so good. It’s fun playing our fuck games when I stay over with him.

I’m an anything goes kinky phone sex girl and can’t wait to find out what amazing fantasies you have for us. There are no limits at all for our underage role plays or anything else you want to talk about so you cum hard with me. Are you horny? I am! Call and play with me.

Kelly 1-877-582-0861


Anything Goes Phone Sex


How about a little incest with no limits age play for our anything goes phone sex fantasy. I’m into anything kinky and family fun is hot. Are you?

I could be your Aunt, the one who buys diapers for your Grandma and helps take care of her. I come over early and catch you in one of her new ones for our diaper fetish playtime. Because you’re using them and making me buy extra diapers, I make you fill it up for me while I call my daughter and her friend and tell them to come over. Fill your diaper with a big load of poo poo for us and we’ll clean it up while you watch. Having a shit eating Auntie is dirty, nasty fun.

We could have a Halloween anything goes phone sex underage fantasy. We’re at a Halloween party and I’m dressed as a cute but sexy bunny with makeup and a mask so you have no idea who I am. You ask me to come back to your place and I give you a blowjob in the car. I still have my costume on when you fuck me and realize I’m a virgin and younger than you thought. I convince you to cum inside me before I tell you who I am and that you just fucked your niece in our kinky incest fantasy.

Halloween is coming up soon and I want to be your kinky anything goes phone sex girl with no limits for all of your holiday fantasy fun. Call and play with me. I can’t wait to cum with you!

Kelly 1-877-582-0861


Extreme Phone Sex


Do you ever want to role play the kinkiest things in an extreme phone sex fantasy with someone? I’m an anything goes girl with no limits for all of our fantasies. Just to give you an idea of how kinky I can get, check these awesome role plays out that I’ve had this weekend.

My friend likes underage fantasies with extremely young girls. He was at a hotel room and I brought several girls to him to torture and fuck. When he finished with one, the next one I brought to him was younger. He caressed them, rubbed his dick all over them and then fucked their little pussies hard with his big dick. We had an awesome fuck and snuff party for them. That was so hot!

Another caller had an extreme phone sex underage fantasy where Daddy took my younger sister and me to a private party. The basement in this house was set up like a huge dungeon. Everyone sat around the room and watched me “train” my little sister to be Daddy’s submissive fuck toy. The best part was using the whip Daddy hand made for me. I stripped her down, put her hands in shackles on the post in the middle of the room and whipped her ass, back and legs until she almost passed out. Then Daddy fucked her while all of his friends were getting a deep throat blowjob from their daughter’s. It was fun showing off for his friends and even more fun beating my little sister.

No matter how far you want to go in our extreme phone sex fantasies, I’ll go right along with you and get as kinky as you want. I can’t wait to find out all of the naughty, hot fantasies you have for us. Call and play with me.

Kelly 1-877-582-0861


Taboo Phone Sex


In our taboo phone sex fantasy, I told my caller about the hot foot fetish Daddy had. He would rub, lick and suck on my feet and toes and then lick my pussy. Our incest play started out with my feet when I was extremely young and he worked up to fucking me when I was a young teen in our age play fantasy.

When I got older, I helped my nephew develop his foot fetish by asking him to rub them and then rub them over the bulge in his pants. I would stroke his dick while he sucked my toes and then he’d sniff and lick my feet while he fucked me too. He stayed with us for a month every summer and we spent every minute we could fucking in our very hot taboo phone sex fantasy.

It feels so good when someone rubs my feet and both Daddy and my nephew do a very good job. I cum so good when they caresses each foot, sniffs and sucks on each toe and then foot fucks me. Don’t you?

What’s your favorite taboo phone sex fantasy? Incest, age play or something even naughtier? Anything goes with me for all of our fantasies and role plays. Tell me all of the hot, naughty things that will make you cum hard. Call and play with me.

Kelly 1-877-582-0861