Kinky Phone Sex


Any age play makes our kinky phone sex fantasies so much fun. I totally enjoy being your little girl or your pedo playmate in a taboo underage fantasy.

I had a young student that was very innocent and had no idea what having sex was. His grades were slipping so I thought some extra credit would help. I was pregnant and so horny so I taught him how good a blowjob feels and how to fuck me. He’s a quick study and going to do fine in my class.

I was an older, very conservative teacher, and a virgin, in another age play fantasy I had. I knew my student and could tell something was bothering him but when he told me his Mommy stopped giving him a morning blowjob I was shocked that his Mom was having incest sex with him! Even more so when he forced me to suck his dick and fucked me. I begged him to stop but that just made him fuck me harder. He’s not going to do so well in my class.

In another underage and incest fantasy my son found some pics of me that his Dad would be very upset with. He used them to blackmail me. He forced me to give him a blowjob, fucked my pussy and even fucked my ass in our kinky phone sex fantasy. I couldn’t believe he did that to his Mommy.

Daddy knew I was hiding a friend from school in my room and told me to bring him downstairs. I told him he had been licking my pussy and my ass too and Daddy told him to do it some more. I knelt down on the couch and gave my Dad a blowjob while my friend licked my ass from behind me. He licked my Dad’s ass too and we had a very hot Daddy daughter incest fantasy with my friend from school joining in.

What’s your favorite school girl or boy fantasy? I’ll be any age in our role play or you can be the younger one if you like. Teacher/student role plays are always fun or bringing home a girl or boy from school to play with Daddy is always fun too. What are you in the mood for? Call and tell me all of your hot incest and age play kinky phone sex fantasies and play with me.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex


Do you have a naughty fantasy that you’d like to share with an anything goes phone sex girl? There’s no limits for all of the kinky fantasies we can get off with. It’s all fun to me!

How about visiting my very naughty day care with a no limits age play fantasy. We’ll have a totally perverted pedo orgy with my day care group like I did this week with a hot caller of mine. Everyone showed off their cock sucking skills, everybody had all of their holes fisted and fucked and there was a bunch of cum eating going on too. We had a second sensual fantasy with just the two of us after our age play orgy and that’s always so special. Does that sound good to you too?

I was a young coed pledging a sorority in a barely legal anything goes phone sex incest fantasy with my big brother. I was supposed to go up to a stranger and take a pic of his cock but I didn’t have the nerve. I tried, but was just too shy to ask anyone so I asked my big brother. It took a bit of convincing but I finally talked him into it and o-m-g he had a huge 18 inch dick. I took a pic but just had to feel that big dick and wound up stroking him and giving him a blowjob too. It was awesome.

I want to be your anything goes phone sex girl too and will literally do any role play you want. Call and see.

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Extreme Phone Sex


I’ve been having awesome extreme phone sex fantasies and can’t get enough. I’m a kinky girl with no limits for all of our fantasies and will do any role play you want. What are some of the extremely wild fantasies that turn you on?

I think it would be fun to be a very naughty doctor and trick you into getting me pregnant. I could give you a physical, just to check your sperm count, give you a blowjob to get you ready and then have you fuck me bareback until you cum deep inside me. I think that’s hot. Don’t you?

You could pick me up when I’m hitchhiking and we could get lost on a deserted road when the car breaks down. I could be a very innocent teen in our age play fantasy and I’d panic since we’re miles away from anything and scared that we’re going to die on a deserted road. What if you pulled out your huge cock? A giant 18″ cock would definitely distract me and focus my attention on stroking and sucking the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. That would be fun for our extreme phone sex fantasy.

What if you kidnap me and then I find out your’re a faggot. I’d be the young neighbor you’ve been watching in our age play fantasy. You could make me watch you fuck your ass with a toy and make me your anal sex Princess. Oh, not that you’d fuck my ass. No way. You’d teach me how to fuck your ass with a big vibrator or strap on. You could bring friends over so you could be their anal sex slut and make me watch so I can fuck you hard like they do.

I’m up for anything when it comes to our extreme phone sex fantasies. Call and play with me.

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Kinky Phone Sex


I’m always in the mood for a kinky phone sex underage fantasy. It’s fun being a young girl in our role plays. I also like to pick out legal pix of girls for our fantasies like I did with two callers. We found a girl on the beach to play with and  I brought her back to our place for some fun. We licked her pussy together and changed our role play so she was his daughter and I was her babysitter. I taught her how to suck Daddy’s dick and 69 with him while he jerked off in her panties. My other caller picked a young girl out and we both licked her from her clitty to butt hole and she made us both cum so good.

I brought home some young girls that wanted to use our home spa, chained them together and used them as our submissive sex slaves in the kinky phone sex underage fantasy I had with a very hot caller. We forced them to give their new owner a blowjob, he fucked them and we kept them in cages until we were ready to sell them. We have such naughty but very fun age play fantasies!

Office sex is always fun and I had a very hot work fantasy with a caller at his office. I sucked his dick, he fucked me over his desk, fucked my ass too and came twice for me. A little later, we had a fanfuckingtastic incest fantasy with his niece and mine. My two nephews joined in and we had a full out incest orgy going on that was amazing. He came twice again and I did too. I’m still going Mmmmm after that one.

What’s your favorite, hot and kinky phone sex fantasy? Call and cum with me while we talk about all of the fantasies that turn you on. I can’t wait to play with you!

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Fetish Phone Sex


It’s been too hot to be outside lately so stay in and have some fetish phone sex fun with me. I’ll do anything you want in our kinky fetishes and role plays.

I have a naughty caller who had a hot thing for gigantic big cock fantasies. I was his little sister’s best friend and we were watching a movie while she was in the shower. I asked him about blowjob’s and was embarrassed as soon as I said it. He pulled out his big cock and let me stroke it. He was 18″ hard and I asked him if all dicks are that big just when he blew a big load of cum on my face. Our underage role play was fucking hot!

I went to a massage therapist in the pregnancy fetish phone sex fantasy with a sexy caller this week. The therapist gave me a massage and licked my pussy and fucked me to make me feel better and it sure worked. I went back nine months later, pregnant and asked for another session. My water broke when he fucked me and I had our baby right there. Fuck me and get me pregnant like my therapist did. That’s such a hot role play.

My nephew came over in our incest fantasy and forced me to fuck him. I’m getting ahead of myself. I was in the kitchen when he came in and started flirting with me. I told him he was being silly and then how wrong it was when I realized he was serious. He forced his hand up my blouse and when I pulled it out he pushed it up my skirt and started rubbing my pussy. I still resisted and he made me give him a blowjob. He had such a big dick I choked on it. He turned me around and forced his dick inside me and fucked me until I begged for it. Our incest fantasy was fanfuckingtastic!

What’s your favorite fetish phone sex fantasy? Call and cum with me to all of your fantasies. We’ll have so much fun!

Kelly 1-877-582-0861